Strength Training


We have a variety of Strength Training Equipment including free weight equipment, plate loaded equipment, and stack loaded machines. Our Wellness Advocates are happy to show you how to use any piece of equipment and can answer any questions you have about how to safely and properly operate the equipment. Appointments are available for members and can be made by contacting our Health & Fitness Coordinator at 912-510-3506 or feel free to speak with a Wellness Advocate while you're in the gym. See our equipment list below.

Strength Training Equipment

Plate Loaded Equipment

Stack Loaded Equipment

Free Weight

Smith Machine

Leg Press

Power Rack

Seated Calf Raise

Leg Extension

Dumbbells 1-120lbs

Chest Press

Hamstring Curl

Curl Bars

ISO Lateral Bench Press

Hip Ab/Adductor 

Bench Press

UNI-Lateral Leg Press

Shoulder Press

Decline Bench Press

ISO Lateral Horizontal Bench Press


Roman Chair

ISO Lateral Chest/Back

MTS Chest Press

Preacher Curl


Triceps Extension

Declined Sit UP


Bicep Curl

Ab Mats


Cable Machine

Stability Balls


Back/Chest Fly

Body Bars


Pull Down



Dual Adjustable Pulley (Cable Machine)



Ab Crunch

Adjustable Bench