Return To Play Information

Concussion Policy:

In response to Georgia House Bill 248, the Camden County Public Service Authority has adopted the following return to play policy: “Any youth exhibiting symptoms of concussion will be removed from the game, competition, tryout, or practice and must be evaluated and cleared for return to play by a medical doctor.  To be able to return to play, the parent must have the doctor sign the "Return to Athletic Participation Form" (provided by us) and then fax the form to the CCPSA office.  The form must be faxed to us directly from the signing doctor's office.” 

Medical Emergencies

  • For any injury or accident that requires something other than a cleaning and covering with a bandage, coaches and parents are required to seek professional medical assistance through 911 calls.
  • If a child is taken out of the game due to injury, they will not be allowed to return to play until the “Return to Athletic Participation” form is filled out by a doctor and emailed to Camden PSA from the signing doctor's office.
  • If medical transportation is required, the charges incurred will be billed to the parents and/or the parent’s/guardian’s insurance policy.
  • Please notify the league if your child has a pre-existing medical condition (i.e. allergies, medications, physical impairments, etc.) on the registration form; the league will then inform the coach of the situation. This is essential in order to determine the severity of an accident and to assist the medical personnel who respond to the scene.