Track & Field

                                                                                               2022 GRPA CLASS B/C STATE CHAMPIONS

                                                                                                   CAMDEN COUNTY PSA TRACK TEAM


TRACK & FIELD.   Parents will receive a call from the track coaches by Feb 13TH and practices will begin Feb 19TH @ 5:30pm at the rec track.  If you don’t receive a call or text, please report to practice on Monday Feb 19TH at 5:30pm.  Please make sure to register under the sportsYou app.


                                                                       We are made up of four age groups of boys and girls:

6-8-year olds (born between 2016- 2018)

9-10-year olds (born between 2014- 2015)

11-12-year olds (born between 2012- 2013)

13-14-year olds (born between 2010- 2011)

Note: Boys and Girls compete separately within age groups

***Your age group is decided by your age on Dec 31st 2024.***

  1. Correspondence with parents will be through the “sports You” App. 

Download the app here:   You must be registered to receive the code.


Please download and join team immediately for team notices and information regarding practices and parent meetings.

  1. Mandatory clothing for practice
    1. Practices days will be Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (some Saturdays. Practice days are subject to change.
    2. There will be at least two – three local track meets.
    3. Will consist of a pair of sweat/warm-up pants and a sweat shirt/hoodie, along with a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.
    4. Regular running shoes are required due to some practice time being spent off the track and they are better for everyday running. (note: parents may elect to buy additional pair of spikes or waffle shoes for racing but are not mandatory)
  2. Have your child bring a water bottle to every practice. There are no water fountains near the track. Please ensure your child stays hydrated throughout the day. Don’t just try to drink water right before practice.  Have child remove bottles at end of practice.
  3. The running events include: 50 (6-8 and 9-10 yrs. old only), 100, 200, 400, 800 (ALL), 1600 (9-10, 11-12, and 13-14 yrs. old only) and 3200  (11-12, and 13-14 yrs. old only). We also have the following field events: standing long jump, running long jump, softball throw and javelin (all). High jump & shot put (9-10, 11-12, & 13-14 only).  Discus (11-12 and 13-14 only). The coaches will make the decisions on who participates in which events.
  4. Uniforms will consist of a team tee shirt and shorts or tights. 
  • Tee shirt orders will be taken during the first couple days of practice.
  • We request that you get black or navy-blue shorts/tights without pockets.






Track meets usually begins mid- March


The team may elect to purchase end of season awards. This is optional and the cost is the responsibility of the parents.


Team Jerseys will be furnished by the PSA. The teams are required to wear the jerseys furnished by the PSA for games. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

What does the registration fee cover? The fee helps to offset costs of the season, such as the officials for the sport, any equipment needed, and other expenses associated with the sport. 


Please note:  In response to Georgia House Bill 248, the Camden County Leisure Services has adopted the following return to play policy: “Any youth exhibiting symptoms of concussion will be removed from the game, competition, tryout, or practice and must be evaluated and cleared for return to play by a medical doctor.  Any youth athlete that has been deemed to have sustained a concussion by a health care professional will not be permitted to return to play until parents have presented proof of clearance to return to play from a medical doctor.”